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GMB Automation

Providing you with a fully integrated solution from creation to installation and beyond.

GMB Automation is your source for automated manufacturing solutions. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions and capabilities. GMB Automation’s expertise includes Proto-type tooling, Attribute Fixtures, Production tooling, Pallet Lines and Work Cells.

Our team at GMB industries will provide excellent service from Day 1 to beyond installation. This includes manufacturing, engineering, project management installation, service, and support. Our great team of dedicated professionals supplies on-site technical service, support, maintenance, and equipment training.

GMB Automation is located in Mississauga, Ontario in a state of the art 12,000 square foot building. Since 1998 we have been providing a one-stop shop to build, design, install and maintain your automation solution on a domestic and international scale.

We supply more than just engineering, our staff can provide complete project management, servicing, manufacturing, and maintenance throughout the entire process. Our extensive knowledge and expertise can engineer an automation solution that fits your needs.

Automation design by GMB

GMB Automation can provide a variety of innovative solutions in a cost effective manner, from creation to completion with expert service. Product quality is paramount, we follow stringent quality guidelines, having the capability to build to your unique preferred quality guidelines. GMB Automation can provide fully integrated equipment services.

GMB Automation’s technical expertise provides our clients with a multitude of capabilities and solutions. We can successfully integrate and install multi-use engineering solutions meeting the needs of your industry. Working across many industries gives us a unique perspective, we can use these key learnings and apply them to your automation needs.

bin washer automation equipment

Simply put GMB Automation has the resources, capabilities, and dedication to engineering the automation solution that best suits your needs. Whether standard or custom fabrication is needed, GMB Automation can develop an innovative, cost-effective automation solution.

We have a track record of success. Having worked with Tier 1 to Tier 4 suppliers in several industries allows us to have a unique perspective on Automation Solutions, keeping us ahead of the curve on Industry trends. For a comprehensive list of partners, we have worked with click Our Partners

GMB Automation has the capabilities to provide quality, innovative, service and solutions. With the support that extends beyond installation, our expert staff enables you to achieve your automation needs in a quick and cost-effective manner. Our team sees the big picture allowing solutions that have the end user in mind. GMB Automation’s investment in new technology, across Industry perspective, strong staff and quality engineering is the reason you can find our work in top companies.

Packaging & Strapping

Imagine no design constraints

Better company design for better machine design.

In an industry that started by wrapping bundles with palm leaves and sisal rope, old alliances and relationships define how things are done. It stands to reason that if you changed that structure and let the brightest people shake off their constraints, you would change how current but proven technologies would be delivered and serviced.

·    Attract the best people form leading strapping machine manufacturers
·    Provide the latest design technology and support staff
·    Add some engineers with experience in other industries
·    Let them choose the best in components without regard for old alliances
·    Give them the opportunity to design without constraints by previous circumstances
·    Test rigorously for compliance with industry standards and standard strapping materials
·    Provide an 12,000 square foot fabrication facility, machine shop, and managers proven within their field
·    Spend 35 years designing, planning and testing
·    Put a series of new machines in the field for a combined service life of 10 years

Finally after tweaking the designs to where they substantially improve on existing technology and engineering you can bring them to the world.

·    Strapping machines for steel or plastic strap
·    Strapping head with tension puller for tight strap
·    Optional floating head for equal tensioning
·    Head tilt for easy access for servicing
·    Strap feed and tension through new designed strap track
·    Rugged construction through out
·    Cylinder’s clevis and are equipped with the spherical bearing, stop tube to sustain the any side load
·    Machine movement is synchronized with Rack and Pinion system
·    Cam yoke rollers roll on wear strips for longevity and accurate positioning
·    Safety pins for moving parts to avoid free fall during maintenance
·    Temperature controlled hydraulic power unit
·    Hydraulic control valves are cartridge type built in a specially designed manifold to prevent leakage
·    Plug in self controlled electrical panel with PLC for easy installation

·    Strap dispenser Plastic or Steel strap, standard or jumbo
·    Edge protection device
·    Bottom bunk feeder unit
·    Top bunk feeder unit
·    Roller conveyor
·    Chain conveyor
·    Belt conveyor
·    Floor mount weigh scale conveyor
·    Package centering conveyor
·    Turn-table
·    Transfer car
·    Up-ender
·    Doublers
·    System automation
·    Retrofit on site
·    Parts Replacement

When your top people learned from the grassroots up, your machines are going to be relevant to real world applications. Here’s what we offer:

Innovative Yet Reliable
GMB Packaging keeps it simple and reliable. That’s the advantage of design without constraints. New design tracks, rugged construction, proven by experience.

GMB machines can use any head, strapping material, or closure method you specify because we design and build machines rather than earn our keep selling consumable supplies.

Integrate With Your Current Operations
GMB Packaging’s line of machines has been specially designed to be a perfect fit by selective application of options and module combinations. An experienced pre-sales support staff makes sure that you get what works.

GMB Packaging uses standard Industrial components in unique combinations to make sure that you won’t have to rely on proprietary or expensive replacement parts. Since we install and service what we sell, our service people insist that our components be accessible and exchangeable.

OUR PARTNERS have been very satisfied with the Systems we have provided them; our dedication to a job well done doesn’t stop at delivery. After the project has been completed our staff will take the time to follow-up with you ensuring all your needs are met.

From design to installation to maintenance GMB Packaging manufactures reliable, high-quality Packaging and Strapping machinery. We use the latest technology, work across industries and have a dedicated staff of engineers and sales staff. GMB Packaging is your all in one solution for your Packaging and Strapping needs

GMB Automation’s Partners

  • Dortec Industries
  • Ontario Truck
  • C&A Strapping Technologies
  • ITW Packaging Brands
  • Distribution Careau

Trusted Partners

We have had dozens of trusted partners since 1981 that we worked with to provide automation devices.

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