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About GMB Automation

The automotive industry presented itself to us in 1993 when a local tier one supplier hired GMB to design and build a testing fixture within a condensed timeline. Our expertise has expanded into the design and supply of turnkey systems. To date, we have designed and built many testing and continuous cycle fixtures that use the latest technologies. GMB Automation is located in Mississauga, Ontario in a state of the art 12,000 square foot building, providing you with a one-stop shop to build, design, install, and maintain your automation solution on a domestic and international scale.

All equipment supplied by GMB is designed, manufactured, assembled, wired in-house and commissioned on-site by our highly qualified, reliable staff. GMB works from customer supplied drawings/CAD files and specifications to produce a turnkey, production-ready piece of equipment.

We supply more than just engineering; our staff can provide complete project management, servicing, manufacturing, and maintenance throughout the entire process. Our track record of success is evident with the partners we have worked with. We can successfully integrate and install multi-use engineering solutions meeting the needs of your industry.

GMB Automation has the resources, capabilities, and dedication to engineering the automation solution that best suits your needs. Whether standard or custom fabrication is needed, GMB Automation can develop an innovative, cost-effective automation solution.

GMB Automation not only specializes in Automation but also supports different innovative solutions and business lines in the Packaging and Strapping Industry. We have an exclusive agreement from ARI Hetra to be your OEM source for service and parts as well as being the exclusive North American partner with API Engineering.

At GMB Automation our solution offering includes:

·    GMB Automation
·    Packaging & Strapping Systems
·    ARI Hetra – Exclusive Service & Parts Agent
·    API Engineering – API’s North American Partner

GMB Packaging & Strapping Systems
Design, machining, and controls are our strength, GMB Packaging is your all in one solution for your Packaging and Strapping needs. Regardless of your product GMB Packaging has the expertise and capabilities to build a Strapping & Packaging system to fit your needs.

Our engineers have experience across industries, provide the latest design technology and test rigorously for compliance with industry standards and standard strapping materials. GMB Packaging & Strapping machines are innovative and reliable. Because we install and service what we sell, our service people insist that our components be accessible and exchangeable.

Leading edge technology combined with the highest quality standards, a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, GMB Packaging can provide you the perfect Packaging & Strapping system solution.

Recent Works

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Graphic Arts Strapping Machine

Top compression with four selectable settings up to 12,000 lb, ½” or 5/8” plastic strap, Dual strapping heads for high production, Built in 90 degree turntable for cross strapping and more…

Graphic Arts Strapping Machine
Semi-Automatic Lumber Press

Automatic push button controlled top and side compression up to 20,000 lb, Rugged steel tubing construction, Powered strap feed by foot switch or push button, Fully hydraulic operation and more…

Semi-Automatic Lumber Press

Trusted Partners

We have had dozens of trusted partners since 1981 that we worked with to provide automation devices.

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